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  • Gravity-feeds

    satisfy hungry

    little shoppers.

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  • 42% of in-store
    sales are featured
    on end caps.

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  • Off-shelf displays
    showcase 51% of
    all food sales.

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  • Eye-catching

    shape enhances

    the buying spirit.

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  • Neatly-organized
    for both product
    and placement.

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  • Design & Engineering

    Merchandising strategy is as unique to a brand as the brand itself. A well-executed off-the-shelf unit can effectively generate positive buying decisions – especially spontaneous sales.

    SMP can design & engineer a compelling display designed specifically for your product and customized for a particular retail channel. We research your brand, its competitors and your retailers to generate ideas aimed at achieving positive outcomes time and time again. From rough sketches and renderings, to actual prototypes, we will continually create and refine solutions uniquely engineered to move your products from the sales floor to the register.

  • Manufacturing

    Only the most advanced manufacturing processes and best raw materials combine to yield the finest end product. For more than 65 years, SMP has perfected the leap from concept to construction. Continued investments in computer-aided processes and machinery enable us to take our customized designs from the drawing board to the sales floor.

    Our manufacturing facilities house a comprehensive array of production steps including fabrication, powder-coating, on-site assembly, packing and turnkey shipping. Best of all, we’ve remained nimble enough to change with the changing times, and make the latest, most advanced displays to make your brand stand out.

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment

    From the moment your displays come off our assembly lines, until they start showcasing your products in retail locations around the world, SMP will be there to lend a hand. Our 120,000-square-foot warehousing facility will process your order for delivery to any location.

    We’ll package and ship them at any time, even one at a time, to any number of retailers and locations both nationally and internationally – from Chattanooga to China.

  • Global Distribution

    SMP’s fulfillment and distribution capabilities don’t stop at the U.S. border. Our knowledgeable staff is uniquely experienced and flexible enough to navigate the challenging demands of international supply chain logistics, providing global reach.

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Engaging buyers with compelling in-store product placement is vital to your success. SMP’s creative approach to truly unique point-of-purchase marketing solutions has proven to increase visibility and drive sales among some of the world’s most successful brands and retailers.

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